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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Scary Clown Pictures

Black And White Horror

This picture in black and white makes this scary clown look more terrifying and menacing.

Black Teardrop

A black teardrop below the eye and the hideous combination of makeup on this clown has a horrifying effect.

Deadly Clown

This clown looks hideous and deadly (pun intended!) with his bloody teeth and tongue.

Gargoyle Clown

This gargoyle like clown is just perfect to scare away curious onlookers and inquisitive children.

Weird Evil

This clown’s face seems to be melting away giving him a very scary appearance.

Blazing Fire

The blazing red curls add to the scary effect of this clown. Her weird eyebrows and hideous smile are class.

Zombied Clown

This zombie like clown looks terrifying with his blood soaked shirt and gnashing teeth.

Black Eyes

The black vertical lines below the eyes and vivid red lipstick makes this clown look a little terrifying.

Red Everywhere

Blazing red hair and blood-red teeth have created a scary effect for these two clowns.

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